Pedro & Sarah

We’re Pedro and Sarah – both trained as renewable energy engineers but happiest when outside on our bicycles rather than in front of a computer. When we are not cycling or in a tent, we are rock climbing, hiking, swimming or what we end up doing the most… picnicking.

We packed up our home in Lisbon, Portugal in June 2018 and left with a reduced version stowed away on the back of our bicycles. We plan to pedal in a vaguely easterly direction and take our time to reach Vietnam… or Japan or maybe Mongolia. Who knows.

We’re not sure how long it will take us, that might depend on how many rivers we stop to swim in, and how many trees we stop to climb up along the way… and how long the visas we apply for will let us stay …

So far we’ve been on the road for just over a year and have cycled nearly 17000km. We’ve spent the last few months pedalling through Central Asia and in just a few days we’ll be entering China. We will have officially cycled to China by bike! We’re looking forward to the food and the comedy of being utterly lost in translation!

– home is where your bike is

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