Review: LOMO 20l dry bag

Review: LOMO 20l dry bag

Throughout the last year of our trip, we cycled through relatively remote regions in Central Asia and hugely populated ones in Iran, China and Southeast Asia. Sometimes we carried enough food for five days, in the wild valleys of Kyrgystan, and at other times we just had a few apples and peanuts stashed in our bags and we picked up food to cook for dinner along the way during the afternoon.

Obviously carrying enough food for two hungry cyclists for five days means our bikes weighed more, but we also had to have somewhere to store it.

Thankfully, LOMO, kindly sent us a 20l black rolltop waterproof bag to try out when we were back in Georgia. Since then, this bag has been strapped across the back of my bike – sometimes half empty and sometimes set to burst, stuffed full of lentils, oats and Snickers bars to keep us going till the next shop.

The reason that it has taken me so long to write this review is that the bag does its job so perfectly, that there is almost nothing to say.

The critical aspect of this bag isn’t any technical feature, although it performs its job beautifully, but the price. The LOMO 20l roll top dry bag retails at £6 whereas an equivalent bag from a well known bike-bag brand has an RRP of £19.50. More than three times the price.

Besides the food storage, this bag also stores my spare clothes. We’ve cycled through intense desert heat, freezing temperatures, snow and rain and my woolly socks have always remained dry. Opened and closed nearly everyday, the clip hasn’t broken and still works as it did brand new, even with the massive variations in temperature. No unruly parking position – resting against a thorny tree, on the floor or falling over from a lamppost – has been too much for the bag. We haven’t had a single hole or abrasion to patch.

This bag is a tough little beast, and sold at a price that you’d be pushed to make cheaper yourself. Their website boasts a treasure trove of outdoor gear all at unbeatable prices, from tarps to neoprene socks and dry bags for every type of sport imaginable. We can’t wait to plan more adventures, buy half the contents of their website and try out more of their gear.

Here are a bunch of photos of the bag strapped across the back of my bike in 18 different places ?

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