Dear Macedonia

Dear Macedonia

Dear Macedonia,

Our time together was short but full… of flat tyres… We enjoyed greatly all the beautiful views over mountains and lakes while we fixed them. Hope it wasn’t because we weren’t staying longer, it was nothing personal, it was just too cold and we were in transit South…
Hope to come back one day, who knows, in Spring.

All the best, till some day,
Sarah and Pedro

4 thoughts on “Dear Macedonia

  1. Elso says:

    Wonderful pictures!
    Question , Why do you leave your bikes stand still with one tire off ?
    Wish you continuing luck and gorgeous places

  2. Pedro Vicente says:

    Dear Elso,
    that picture was taken exactly when we had to fix many punctures (furos), early in the morning, no sun, very cold, using the lake to detect the puncture, in (literally) freezing water… Luckily it’s not something we do everyday… 😉

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